At The Sanctuary Spa in Tralee, County Kerry we offer a full range of Carita Face Care treatments, which are applied by our experienced and qualified beauty therapists.

Using advanced formulations from Carita Pasis La maison De Beaute, these treatments include plant based origins linked to biotechnology. Manual massage and drainage techniques are combined with the use of a pro-lifting machine to ensure radiant results.

Hydrate 1hr €90

Renovateur- Hydration Intense: This hydrating facial restores the skins elasticity. The skin is gently prepared by the Renovateur treatment to eliminate dead skin cells.It is then deeply cleansed and massaged using two different techniques to activate the benefits of the extra-moisturising gel and mask combination.

Lift 1hr €90

Renovateur- Lift Fermete: Forget time and restore the skin’s youth with this Carita anti-ageing facial. This is the ideal treatment for mature skin, helping repair the sighs of ageing. Your complexion becomes transparent and luminous, your skin is lifted and has an amazing firming effect.