Endermolift: The 100% Natural anti-aging REDENSIFICATION

At The Sanctuary Spa in Tralee, County Kerry we offer a full range of treatments, which are applied by our experienced and qualified therapists.

After a personalized evaluation of your face and beauty goals, your specialist will propose a custom treatment program involving one to two sessions per week for one to two months. This revolutionary, patented, 100% atural anti-aging technique is absolutely pain-free.

The skin is a living organ whose cellular activity maintains its firmness, softness and healthy glow. After the age of 25, youth cells (fibroblasts) reduce their collagen and elastin production. The skin loses its substance and the signs of aging appear, including wrinkles, sagging contours and a dull completion.

Endermolift is an exclusive anti-aging technique which redensifies skin in depth to erase the signs of aging. The CelluM6 Integral delivers micro-beats to the skin’s surface to stimulate youth cells in-depth, restarting their natural production of collagen and elastin.

The Endermolift offers different treatments to address specific needs.

The one hr treatment is most often a combination of the following techniques depending on the needs of the client

  • Glowing Complexion Lift Treatment – Revives tired, dull complexions caused by stress, smoking and other factors by rexoygenating skin resulting in velvety soft skin and a radiant complexion.
  • Eye Lift Treatment – Reduces eye contour wrinkles, decongests puffy eyes, and erases dark circles, leaving you with a fresh and wide-eyed look.
  • Collagen Activator Firming Treatment – Firms skin by densifying in depth, enhancing cheekbones and resculpting and redefining contours.
  • Densifying Anti-Wrinkle Treatment – Targets each wrinkle and naturally fills it from within resulting in smoothed skin, for a younger face that stays animated.
  • Face Slimming Lift Treatment – Slims down the double chin and lower face for redefined facial contours and resculpted volumes.