Selectif Pro Ultrasound Hair Removal


At The Sanctuary Spa in Tralee, County Kerry we offer a full range of hair removal treatments, which are applied by our experienced and qualified therapists.

Applisonix’s Selectif™ is the industry’s first clinically proven ultrasound-based hair removal solution. Powered by IMPRESA™ Technology, Selectif™ Pro is the next generation of long term hair removal devices. It enables precise eyebrow contouring and pain free treatment of sensitive areas like the upper lip, chin, underarms and bikini line. Treatments are safe and free of side effects. Results are independent of hair color and skin tone, allowing the aesthetic professional to treat a wide variety of clients.

Selectif™ can complement currently available laser/IPL treatments by offering a solution for all hair colors and skin tones, and for shaping those delicate areas such as eyebrows or bikini line. Due to its precise, selective, and focused nature, Selectif™ helps the aesthetic professional to achieve an extremely high level of accuracy, without giving up on safety and long term efficacy.


IMPRESA™ – Overview

Applisonix’s innovative approach to ultrasound technology inspired the development of IMPRESA™ – IMmediate, PREcise, and Selective Acoustics.

The IMPRESA™ technology utilizes the hair and the skin characteristics to make the hair serve as an accurate and efficient ultrasonic waveguide. An ultrasonic head is used to focus the acoustic energy directly into the hair shaft, channeling ultrasound energy precisely to the hair root, where the energy is converted into heat. As a result, the hair root`s temperature rapidly exceeds the level that is required to cause long-term damage to the hair’s re-growth mechanisms. Since the energy is accurately applied through the hair shaft, the surrounding skin is not affected. IMPRESA™ is applicable to all hair colors and skin tones, engaging negligible pain (if any), and it can be used safely for almost all body areas.


Q & A

What makes ultrasound different from other technologies?

A special ultrasonic probe is used to focus the energy precisely on the hair follicle enabling treatment of highly sensitive areas. Ultrasound is channeled directly to the hair root where it is converted into heat. As a result, the temperature inhibits the hair`s re-growth. The skin in unaffected as the energy is applied directly on the hair shaft.

Is the Selectif treatment painful?

The Selectif treatment is virtually painless as the ultrasound waves do not dissipate into the surrounding skin tissue which contains the main pain receptors. Therefore the treatment can be carried out on even the most sensitive areas like eyebrows, upper lip and bikini line.

Can white hair be treated?

Unlike laser and IPL hair removal, all color hairs can be treated as the ultrasound technology does not rely on the coloring (melanin) in the hair to be effective. Selectif is extremely effective on white hair as well as very fine hair.

Does it matter what color skin I have?

Irrespective of the color of your skin, Selectif treatments are suitable for everyone. Selectif’s technology can even be used on pigmented areas, like the areola (nipple) as well as mucous areas (nose, hair, ear follicles, etc.).

Can I be treated if I have a suntan?

Yes, unlike laser and IPL, you can be treated as the surrounding skin is unaffected.

Can I be treated if I am on photosensitizing medication?

Yes, unlike laser and IPL, you can be treated as the surrounding skin is unaffected.

What is the percentage of hair reduction after treatments?

In controlled clinical studies that were carried out on the leg, an average of 38% hair reduction was achieved after the second treatment.

Are the results permanent?

Long-term results are dependent on genetics, hormones and medications which can induce hair growth.

Is Selectif better than laser or IPL?

Selectif’s technology has a number of advantages over laser and IPL technology because of the characteristics of ultrasound energy and the way it is applied. The effectiveness is similar to that of light-based solutions, but is not limited to the combination of dark hair and light skin.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments depends upon the body area. For instance, ears, knuckles and areola generally require 6-8 treatments.

What is the recommended amount of time required between treatments?

Typically 3-4 weeks is recommended between treatments. This will vary amongst individuals, body areas, hair characteristics, etc. Following your initial appointment, your Selectif therapist can advise you more accurately.