At The Sanctuary Spa in Tralee, County Kerry we offer a full range of waxing treatments, which are applied by our experienced and qualified therapists.

  • Go to an expert, whether in a beauty salon, spa or specialized waxing salon. Find out what waxing products they use and research them to find the one that’s right for you!
  • If you have not been waxed before at The Sanctuary spa, please ensure to have a patch test at least 24hrs before your first treatment.
  • Wax regularly (every 3-6 weeks) as over time the results will improve, hair growth will reduce and any remaining hair will become finer.
  • Plan in advance of your wax. Remember you will need to avoid tight clothing, fake tans, heat treatments, swimming, exercising or scented lotions on the area for 24hrs after your waxing.
  • Make sure you get HOT peel-able wax and not strip wax for sensitive areas like bikini, face, eyebrows and underarms. Hot wax removes the hairs fully from the root while strip wax can sometimes break stubborn or coarse hair like bikini hair. Therefore strip wax is best used for leg, arm and back/chest waxing only.
  • Exfoliate and moisturize regularly to keep skin super-smooth and to prevent ingrown hairs.
  • To get rid of unsightly ingrown hairs, ask about Lycon’s Ingrown-X-It. Your therapist will advise on precautions and usage. If ingrown hairs continue to be a problem, laser hair removal might be a suitable option.
  • RELAX – Your therapist has seen it all before so there is nothing to be shy about!